Placemaking - City of Edmonton Central Zone Planning Department
Our focus for this final term client based group project was Placemaking and to design spaces and artifacts that create and increase desirable traffic downtown. The YEG Sign, a centerpiece to our parkway design, is meant as a modular sculpture that, although it was designed for the McDougall Pedestrian Bridge, could be strategically placed in spaces used for festivals and events around Edmonton. This sign was my contribution to the project. I conceptualized, 3D modeled and rendered the sign with all bolts and LED lamps included in the model. It is fastened to the ground with concrete lag bolts. It would work during all seasons and times of day. The sculptural YEG Sign provides a background for sharing on social media and memory making for visitors of the bridge. It leads onlookers from other nearby areas towards the area with light and interest of form. Our research into vibrant public spaces showed us that sculptures lead the eye into a space, while also inviting viewers moments of rest and reflection.