Following stay-at-home orders during the COVID 19 Pandemic has provided time to focus on personal projects. One of my goals for 2020 was to develop my 3D animation and simulation skills. After exploring Cinema 4D, I decided to move on to Side FX Houdini, a powerful non-destructive VFX and Animation software.
The scene above is the first animation that I have created entirely with Side FX Houdini. I used simple keyframe and deforming techniques to animate the tropical fish in the foreground and the school of fish in the background. The Plants where created with Houdini's L-System node. L-Systems use a coded language to provide non-destructive instructions for creating natural growth systems to build procedural trees and plants.
This logo animation was created within Cinema 4D utilizing keyframing and transforms. Rendered with Arnold for C4D.
 I find particle simulations fascinating. I animated the icon I created for my portfolio utilizing Side FX Houdini's particle (POP) engine. Rendered with Arnold.

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